Shipston April 2012

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For the second time ever we booked Wagtail, Shipston for an early doors event (April 13/14/15), and arrived soon after a heck of a downpour. Whilst making access to the campsite a bit slippy slidey, the weather for the weekend itself was OK, but the site was very wet in places, creating plenty of challenges grappling for grip .

Attendance was good, many new faces turning up, showing and trying out their Syncros.

Video from Paul Gillett

Here’s a quote that gives a feel: Slippy, gloopy mud, easy to get stuck, blue skies and nice out of the wind. Beer left overnight was ice Sunday morning  [Toomanytoys: since Shipston known as Toomanytows]

A 10 gate trial was run by quite a few, both ways, yet difficult enough for only one or two to get a clear round.… Another high point (!) in the weekend’s entertainment was a twin side-by-side tow of a completely flooded Disco out of a water-filled bomb-hole.


Simon Whitmore’s video of the recovery



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