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Syncropendence 4, like last year’s being held in Wales near Llanfyllin, but a very different event to the scorcher of July 2006. Wet, wet, wet … Did it stop us having a campfire and barbecue – No. Did it ruin the camping – No! Did it make the driving something entirely different, – Yes!!

As would be expected on a large and steep hill site, having been under rain for months, we learnt quickly how dangerous and challenging such a site can become under such conditions. Conversely, we learnt quickly that other opportunities open up, and many found one most addictive – great ponds, almost lakes of standing water up in the hills – much fun was had finding their Syncro’s leak spots! And Russel’s winch was used for one recovery, quite rare at a Syncro event… All-in all, despite being a bit of challenge at times SP4 was well attended and enjoyed by all, with a small group of pickups tackling the beautiful Wayfinders route on the Monday.


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