The Isle of Wight 2004 (3)

Monday and Tuesday were both hot and sunny days, the usual sort of Isle of Wight weather, not that anyone believes us now. Several peeps had to leave Monday so packing up and doing a last tour of the Island was the order of the day. The last few of us left spent a very quiet evening round a rather smaller camp fire, some people even returned to the comfort of a house for the night!

The mod was in a bad way by now and could only be used for gentle trundles round the field, we spent some time trying to get the coolant to circulate but it really didn’t want to play. The alternative Spragmans came down on Tuesday, all the toys packed away and the fire pit cleaned and covered.

Julie took off for Blackgang Chine and John, Sue, Clive, Jenny and Cate bumbled along to Alum Bay to view the Needles and the coloured sand, we took a pretty route back to the ferry and the weekend was over.

It was quite sad to see everyone go, the field empty and the fun over. Many times the memories were brought up on the forum afterwards.

Jake flying

Jake flying

View from the Needles

View from the Needles

Back to the mainland

Back to the mainland

Visiting the site a week later Cate laughed to see that the only signs of us being there were the odd tea bag and the lumps of mud scattered round marking the exact spots where the syncros had been, the mud having collected on bumpers and bullbars and the larger, heavier pieces had fallen off as they dried. Terry washed some of his mud off leaving artistic wave patterns and crosses on the wheels but much of the mud plastered on the vans was left on as a kind of trophy of the glorious weekend.


Altogether it was a brilliant, ‘all good’ weekend, enjoyed by all who went, many of us left there with the raving must-haves for a syncro and a promise to go to Syncropendence in 2005, we hope that the fun can be repeated in the not to distant future.

Many thanks go to Thomas who organised the whole event, his parents for letting us use their farm and to everyone who turned up to camp and play.

Cate Chalkley

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